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Dynamic, innovative, and entrepreneurial career educator and program specialist with more than 8 years of experience specializing in literacy development, career coaching, program implementation, and workforce training. Adept at developing people and teams through teaching, coaching, and training. Skilled speaker with a niche for empowering students and professionals to make impactful decisions.

Speaking topics include...

Social Justice
Women's Empowerment
Inclusion & Belonging
Career Wellness
Life/Career Readiness
Career Equity
Chronic Illness
Work-Life Alignment


Kenya Johnson is a career educator, youth advocate, and change agent who envisions creating a better world of work. As a student of life and literature, Kenya forged her path based on one of her favorite Toni Morrison quotes, "If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

A graduate of Howard University, Kenya has spent her entire career solving critical problems in her community. Soon after graduation, Kenya realized a critical issue she and her peers were facing: the transition from student to professional had no clear path. She quickly learned that managing her career was far different than excelling in school. As a result, she decided to create an organization that could address critical issues in the workplace from all levels. 


As the Founder and CEO of Auclare Vision, Kenya centers her work around addressing the gaps in education, training, and development many students and professionals need to succeed. Kenya’s mission is to make work enjoyable for everyone by preparing them to walk into any room with confidence and clarity. Her firm trains and develops employees, managers, and CEOs to embody their values and create a culture where workers are valued just as much as the work they produce.


As an educator, coach, and change strategist, Kenya’s job is to bring personal journeys to a professional world. By doing this, she has supported scores of clients in their career journey through her workshops, coaching, and training programs. Her work as a career educator has had partnerships with the District of Columbia’s Marion Barry Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP), BCRTech, Secret Miracles Unlimited, and several other youth-centered educational programs. 


An esteemed speaker, Kenya has been featured as a panelist and guest for several conferences and publications such as MogulCon, Heal My Hair Podcast, and Shoutout Atlanta. A lifetime learner, Kenya is currently a graduate student at Bowie State University working towards her Masters in Human Resource Development to assist her in addressing systemic issues at work.


Kenya dedicates her time to addressing gaps in education to help students and professionals reach their full potential in not just their careers but their lives. She believes everyone is and should feel impactful at work and home, and she continues to work towards the day that that won’t just be ideal but reality.



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