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We provide programs for Black women looking to redefine their relationship with work and build lasting, fulfilling careers without sacrificing their personal time or values.



Envision a life you never want to leave

The Visionary Circle is a womanist wellness group curated for Black Women to navigate and heal from present and historical career trauma, while also building the skills needed to be well in work and life. 


Because Black Women work more than any other group but make significantly less and are constantly undervaluedare, we are considered the most vulnerable people at work. Visionary Circle works to abolish the narrative that Black Women are ONLY laborers and hard workers.


Through sisterhood and self-awareness, we support Black Women of all ages in seeing their humanity and understanding their worthiness outside of the work they produce. 


Our community starts and ends with embracing wellness, championing joy, and prioritizing rest in our everyday lives. 

Membership Components

Learning Circles 

Bi-weekly group meetings dedicated to understanding our experiences and exploring new ideas and wellness practices within Black Womanhood.


Monday Meditations

Weekly group meeting dedicated to prayer, meditation, affirmations, and manifestation to start the week with community and peace. 


Wellness Workshops

Monthly workshops focused on diving into health experiences that overwhelmingly plague Black women and resources available to prevent, combat, and manage them. 

Tribe Meetups 

Monthly small group meetings with affinity groups to provide community support specific issues faced by Black Women. 

Online Resources 

Access to Auclare Vision career development products such as workbooks, courses, and other materials. 


Book Club Brunches

Monthly meetings to discuss womanist literature and the ways it affects our lives. 



Quarterly care package features products from Black Women-owned businesses. 


The Visionary Circle will officially launch in Fall 2022. Sign up for our newsletter below to get notified about its launch.

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