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We provide career intensives and resume services for professionals like you looking to develop careers and career materials that align with your values, tell your career story, and compliment your lifestyle.

What type of help do you need?


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Don't settle, strategize for the life and career you deserve...

If you are feeling stuck, burnout, and want to revitalize your career, our Work-Life intensive is the coaching program for you. Our intensive assists you in auditing your career and implementing a work-life strategy to reduce stress and anxiety and helping you find the balance between your life and career.

Program Benefits: Career Assessments and Evaluation, 1:1 Coach Calls, Career Planning, Work-Life Plan Development

*Payment plans available

How It Works

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

CAREER EVALUATION - You and your coach investigate your career anchors, workplace habits and strengths, and other career trends to determine your career strengths, values, and boundaries. 


IDEAL CAREER  - ​You and your coach use your career trends to establish your ideal career progression path, work culture, and future career goals. 

LIFE MAPPING - You build a life map based on your life experience to understand your past values, goals, and careers to better understand your future values, goals, and careers.


WORK-LIFE STRATEGY - You and your career coach will partner to develop an optimal work-life strategy by evaluating the lifestyle you want to live and aligning it with a career that supports your unique needs.

Job Search Help


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Reevaluate your job search technique by developing and executing an efficient and effective job strategy to alleviate the woes of mindlessly applying to dozens of jobs.


Our Job Search Intensive provides you with the support to create a strategic, values-based job search. We partner with you to find companies and positions that align with who you are and what you would like to do next.

*Payment plans available

How It Works

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

CAREER MATERIALS AUDIT- Your coach audits your career materials (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile), helps you get clear on your career brand and messaging, and supports you in rebuilding your materials. 


CAREER RESEARCH Your coach provides you with a customized career research plan and helps you find companies and positions that match your skillset, career goals, and values.


JOB SEARCH EXECUTION You implement your career search strategy to effectively and efficiently apply to your desired positions with the support and accountability of your coach.


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Enter any room with the confidence and clarity to market your skills, qualifications, and experience at any interview or networking opportunity.


Our Interview Prep Intensive prepares you to be able to discuss your impact, achievements, and career highlights in any situation to show how valuable of a team member you are.

*Payment plans available

How It Works

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

QUESTION PREPARATION - Your coach creates customized interview questions based on your desired job description. 


STUDY AND PRACTICE Your coach provides you with a customized interview study guide and worksheets. You will study your Interview Curriculum and practice your interview responses. 


MOCK INTERVIEW You will complete a mock interview with your coach, where you will receive feedback and recommendations.

Interview Prep
Resume Services


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We provide you with an in-depth report on your resume content, ATS optimization, and formatting and meet with you about how to improve your resume.

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We review and rebuild your resume by articulating your career story, highlighting your career, and displaying your skills. while also telling your career story.

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We review your LinkedIn profile, create an in-depth report based on writing style, SEO optimization, and strategy, and meet with you about how to improve your profile.

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LinkedIn Optimization

We work with you to build a LinkedIn profile displaying your impact, achievements, career highlights, valuable work experiences, and qualifications.

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Career Strategy


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If you need assistance with a work conflict, career planning, or other work-related support, our Career Strategy Calls are the right option for you. A career strategy call gives you an opportunity to speak with us to discuss any questions you may have about our services or your career needs. During this call, we will discuss your current career situation and strategize about what actions and services best fit your career needs.

$75 per session

Dominique Mathis, M.S.Ed - Resume Writing

"It was a pleasure working with Kenya. We discussed my short and long-term career goals in preparation for my resume. She did an excellent job constructing my resume...I landed my new position thanks to her!!! Customer service was great, she answered all corresponding emails in a timely manner. She is phenomenal!"

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