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We are a career wellness firm dedicated to bringing humanity back to HR by centering wellness, strategy, and education.


Kenya Johnson founded Auclare Vision in 2020 after she decided she wanted to change how we thought about work. Shortly after graduating from Howard University, Kenya realized the transition from student to professional had no clear path and was a challenging time for students. If students never received the knowledge, tools, and resources to start, develop, or maintain their careers, they were left to have a tumultuous relationship with work and their careers. 


For Kenya, Auclare Vision was the solution. After years of developing people and teams, Kenya decided to take her expertise and experiences to create a career wellness firm dedicated to making work enjoyable for everyone. Kenya had this crazy idea that workers could be valued just as much as the work they produce and decided to run with it. 


We started our work with just a few resumes helping dozens of clients secure jobs in the fields they love. Now, we have grounded our firm in the principles of wellness, strategy, and education for the most vulnerable people at work. Here’s how we do it, we provide: ​​

Career Training for students and professionals learning how to start and navigate their careers.

Coaching Packages for professionals seeking extra support to strategize their career plans.

Community Programs for Black Women looking to find more balance and harmony in their lives.

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We are dedicated to making work enjoyable for everyone by encouraging employees to be well and organizations to treat them well.


We are cultivating a culture where the workers are valued just as much as the work they produce.



We help our clients understand what they want, why they want it, and how they can get it.


We function with the best interests of our clients, company, and community in mind.


We partner with our clients to provide support & accountability to help them execute their vision.​


We do great things on purpose by aligning our actions with our mission and vision.


We give our clients empathy and understanding to help them navigate through their careers.


We believe there are no limits to what we can imagine, reimagine, and bring to life.


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Kenya Johnson
Founder & CEO

Kenya Johnson is a career educator, work-life strategist, and change agent who envisions creating a better world of work. A graduate of Howard University, Kenya is a trained health educator specializing in community interventions, program management, and people development.


As the Founder and CEO of Auclare Vision, Kenya’s mission is to make work enjoyable for everyone by teaching students, professionals, and organizations to center wellness and education at work and in life. Since founding Auclare Vision, she has coached dozens of professionals to help them not just excel at work but enjoy it too.


As a career educator, she has developed career readiness training programs for youth development organizations around the country. Kenya is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development at Bowie State University, where she uses her research and study to create a culture where workers are valued just as much as the work they produce. In her spare time, Kenya is also the co-host of The CEO Launch podcast and prioritizes her time with her friends and family through literature, art, and travel.

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Raven Mathis 
Project Manager

Raven Mathis is a social worker, advocate, and change agent who specializes in working with vulnerable communities to create equity and justice for all. As a student, Raven was greatly influenced by her high school counselor, who encouraged Raven to continue her education and pursue her current career path.


A graduate of The College Of Charleston, Raven has spent most of her career evaluating human development, studying diverse populations and cultures, and understanding the resources needed to create equity and justice for all. Soon after graduation, Raven obtained her first position working for the State of South Carolina, where she became aware of the lack of resources and opportunities in diverse communities. Raven’s observation motivated her to advocate for those who were underserved and oppressed by tipping the scale in the system. 

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