We are a career strategy firm dedicated to making work enjoyable for everyone.


We pride ourselves in providing services catered to the most vulnerable and underserved populations at work. By empowering our clients to take control of their career future, our firm takes a unique approach to career development by centering wellness and education through coaching, training, and programming.



Making work enjoyable for everyone by promoting employees to be well and for companies to treat them well.


Cultivating a culture where employees are valued as much as the work they produce.

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We help our clients understand what they want, why they want it, and how they can get it.


We partner with our clients to provide support & accountability to help them execute their vision.​


We give our clients empathy and understanding to help them navigate through their careers.


We function with the best interests of our clients, company, and community in mind.


We do great things on purpose by aligning our actions with our mission and vision.


We believe there are no limits to what we can imagine, reimagine, and bring to life.


Kenya Johnson
Founder & CEO

Kenya Johnson is a career educator and program specialist who envisions creating a better world of work. As a student of life and literature, Kenya forged her path based on one of her favorite Toni Morrison quotes, "If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."

As the CEO of Auclare Vision, Kenya’s mission is to make work enjoyable for everyone by preparing professionals to walk into any room with clarity and confidence. Her firm encourages employees, managers, and CEOs to embody their values and create a culture where the workers are valued just as much as the work they produce.


A graduate of Howard University, Kenya spent the first years of her career working as an interventionist, concentrating on finding solutions for infant and maternal mortality, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, and functional illiteracy.

To further her education, she started her Masters in Human Resource Development and a graduate certificate in Project Management from Bowie State University to address systemic issues and work experience on a daily basis.


Her work is focused on addressing the gaps in education to help professionals reach their full potential in not just their careers, but their lives. She believes everyone is and should feel impactful and she works towards the day that that won’t just be an idea, but a reality.