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We partner with schools and organizations to develop curriculums and programs that give students or employees a clear path into the professional world.


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Reducing the debt-to-income ratio of the next generation is dependent upon providing students with the tools they need to develop well-paying, fulfilling careers. While schools do an excellent job of providing students with technical training to succeed in their careers, we fill in the gaps to give students the guidance they need to enter the professional world. 


Our program equips students with the right resources to feel confident and capable of succeeding in their dream careers. We show them to succeed in life and their profession by understanding themselves, their industry, and how they fit into the world of work. 


We partner with schools and organizations to develop career readiness curriculums that give students a clear path into the professional world. Our career readiness programs are ideal for secondary schools (8-12), college and universities, and youth programs and organizations invested in preparing their students for life after school.


Our goal is to assist your students in uncovering their interests, passions, and career paths. Our training timeframe and learning modules are flexible to meet your organization's needs.

Learning Modules

Career Interests and Values

Career Management 101

✓ Career Preparation and Planning

Community Building and Teamwork

Digital Literacy and Efficiency

Employee Rights and DEI

Goal Setting and Life Mapping

Interview Preparation

Job Search Techniques

Leadership Development 

✓ LinkedIn Profile Building

Personal and Career Boundaries

Professional Communications

Professionalism and Ethics

Resume Building and Design

Technical Skill Building

The Art of Networking

*   Additional Modules available upon request

How It Works

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

CURATE - We coordinate with your organization to create a tailored curriculum catering to the unique needs and interests of your students.

FACILITATE OR TRAIN - One of our esteemed trainers facilitates the customized curriculum for your organization OR We train your staff to facilitate the curriculum and provide facilitation support.

MONITOR - We monitor, assess, and report the effectiveness of the program for your students and make recommendations as needed.

For Students



Many Black employees may enjoy their work but still feel lost in navigating their careers. Our Career Wellness training program engages and empowers Black employees to take ownership of their careers and feel well and worthy at work. Our program supports Black people at work by providing them with a space to voice their unique career concerns and grow and develop as professionals. 


Our program is ideal for companies who want to engage their early career, mid-career, and pivoting employees and professional organizations looking for professional development for their members. Our goal is to create a work culture where workers are well and have the right tools to lead fulfilling lives and careers. 

Program Domains: 

✓  Self-Awareness and Career Wellness

✓  Career Planning and Management

✓  Work-Life Integration and Strategy

 Career Branding and Advancement

How It Works

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

CURATE - We coordinate with your organization to create a tailored training program.  

FACILITATE - We facilitate the training program at your organization.

MONITOR - We provide support for monitoring, reporting, and evaluating program outcomes. 

Our training timeframe and domains are flexible to meet the needs of your organization.

For Employees


We offer custom workshops related to career wellness and development. If you are interested in our team facilitating a workshop at your organization, schedule a free consultation with us today to get a quote.

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Custom Workshops

Dawn Covin, MBA, PMP® - Career Training

"Our company's very first government contract was a huge success because of the dynamic team that executed the deliverables. Kenya was a leader on that team and ensured that the appropriate curriculum was developed for the client and her excellent facilitation and innovation skills made our program a huge hit with the participants. I am looking forward to collaborating with Auclare Vision for future projects."

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