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We provide workshops, programs, and consultations for students and professionals looking to develop careers that are authentic to who they are and congruent to the lifestyles they want to lead.


We partner with schools, organizations, and associations to develop training curriculums and programs that give your participants a clear path into the professional world.



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We provide intensives, resume services, and strategy calls for professionals looking to develop authentic careers that are congruent to the lifestyles they want to live.



We cultivate a community of professional Black women looking to redefine their relationship with work and build lasting, fulfilling careers without sacrificing their personal time or values.



Career development is essential for students and employees to have a positive relationship with work and their careers. Our training programs help your participants start, develop, and manage their careers with confidence.

Our Career Training options are perfect for:

  • Secondary Schools (8-12) looking to prepare their students for post-secondary life.

  • Colleges and universities looking to prepare their students for the workforce.

  • Organizations/Associations looking to develop engaged members who are confident in their careers. 


We provide various training and program development options to fit your organization's needs.

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Learn how to understand your career trends and values, develop career boundaries and goals, and build an actionable work-life strategy with our Career Coaching packages. We offer several career coaching services including four career intensives, resume and LinkedIn writing services, and career strategy calls. 

Our Career Coaching services are perfect for professionals looking to:

  • Build confidence in your career

  • Understand what you want out of life

  • Tell your authentic career stories

Each service is designed to keep you confident and fulfilled throughout your career journey. 



We are dedicated to creating services and spaces for the most vulnerable populations at work. Our career memberships provide Black Women with an outlet to explore and navigate their relationship with work, careers, and ambition.

Our Career Memberships services are perfect for Black Women professionals looking to establish community with other Black Women and find more balance and harmony in their lives.

We offer a variety of membership types to support Black Women at all levels of their career.

Not sure which service is right for you?

Book a free discovery call with us and we'll help you figure it out together.


Space is limited, make sure you grab your spot to the next event today!


Design Your Career Vision

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Quit Your Job Bootcamp

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Define Your Career Story

Coming Soon | Online

  • What does Auclare mean?
    The word “Auclare” after combining the words “authenticity” “authority” and “clarity.” When our founder thought of the word, she wanted all of our clients to feel authentic in their career, have authority over their lives, and gain clarity about who they are and what they wanted.
  • What is career wellness?
    Career wellness is engaging in work that provides you with personal satisfaction and enrichments that is consistent with your values, goals, and lifestyle – but does not interfere with your personal health or wellness.
  • How is career wellness different from career development?
    Career development and career wellness are intertwined. In order to have continued career wellness, you have to actively develop and manage your career outside of just searching for new career opportunities. To be well in your career means you are consistently working toward an integration of your work and life.
  • Will your coaching help me get a job I'm not qualified for?
    No. We do not encourage our clients to apply for jobs where they do not meet the qualifications, and we do not believe in falsifying resumes. Instead, we coach our clients to understand how their current experience translates into other skills. If a client is not qualified for a position, we give our client guidance on how to acquire the necessary skills to be able to apply for a similar position later.
  • Do you offer products?
    Yes! You offer workbooks, courses, and ebooks. You can find our products on our Resources page.
  • How do I get started with career coaching?
    The first step to working with us is scheduling a discovery call. Our discovery calls are a free 30-minute call to determine what services best meet all of your needs and challenges.
  • Why are strategic job searches important?
    A strategic job search increases your chances of getting hired by providing you with a detailed plan of execution to find employment rather than aimlessly applying to jobs.
  • What can I expect from a coaching experience?
    Our coaching program provides personalized attention by asking you impactful questions to understand your career objectives best and to work towards meeting them. Our style includes assessments, thought partnership, and action planning. The more you put into your coaching sessions, the more you will get out of them. To have the best results, it is crucial to be receptive to feedback and be open to doing the work following each session.
  • What are the benefits of having a career coach?
    A career coach is useful to students and professionals because they provide support, structure, accountability, focus, and confidence. Having a career coach helps guide you through your career journey, so you don't feel alone.
  • What are career intensives?
    Our career intensives are 1:1 coaching programs typically lasting less than 3 months. These program allow our clients to get individual support at an accelerated rate to target different areas of their careers. We offer four intensives to support our clients: work-life intensive, job search intensive, interview prep intensive, and career brand intensive.
  • What are the facilitation options for career training?
    We offer virtual, hybrid, or in-person training for both our Career Readiness and Career Wellness options. Each training type is associated with a different fee based on organization size and distance (if hybrid or in-person).
  • Can you help us revise our career readiness/workforce development curriculum?
    We offer consulting services to assist organizations with revising and improving their current career readiness and workforce development curriculums. If you are interested in our consulting services, you can fill out the career readiness form.


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