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How to Figure Out The Type of Job You Really Want

Are you considering a job change, but you keep putting it off for one reason or another? One main reason could be not having a clear vision of what we want out of our career, which traps us in our current situation.

It isn't easy to truly understand what’s possible for you without vision.

If you feel stuck, trapped, or unable to think of anything at all that might serve you in finding a new job or career, here are some tips to help you think differently about potential and practicality that could stir up a whole host of new ideas for you.

Answer these questions:

1. What is it that you DON’T want to do? Identifying what we don’t want can often shed light on what we want simply by considering the opposite.

  • For example, working closer to home or even at home might be preferable if you absolutely hate the commute.

2. What types of company culture do you enjoy? Understanding what conditions you want (and do not want) to work under allows you to establish the culture that works best for you.

  • For example, if you prefer casual, friendly work environments that prioritize relationships, you might look for a company that offers monthly happy hours and company outings.

3. Are you putting yourself under pressure to conform to someone else’s perceived impression of you? For example, do you have thoughts like these:

  • I should have a professional position.

  • I must have at least this much as a salary because of my background.

  • I should have a title that other people will respect and admire.

Check your feelings to see whose rules you are following. You will never be happy unless you follow your idea of what makes you happy.

4. What if anything was possible? What would you do with your time? Try thinking without restraint or limitation. What would you do if absolutely anything were possible?

  • Would you travel?

  • Would you build?

  • Would you create?

  • Would you buy and sell?

  • Where would you go?

  • Who would you go with?

  • How much time would you spend there?

  • How much money would you make?

5. What would you be like if you reinvented yourself completely? If you could turn the clock back and unload all the junk you’ve collected in your mind and heart so far in your life?

  • Where would you be, and what would you be doing?

  • Who would you be doing it with?

  • Where would you be doing it, and why?

  • What would your life be like now?

  • What kind of work would you be engaged in?

  • How much money might you be making?

  • How much joy would you have in your life?

  • Where would you live? Why there? Is this new you inspiring?

6. What if your new career wasn’t grandiose, world-class, or life-changing for anyone else? Would that matter? What if it was modest, relatively inconspicuous, but incredibly important to your values and interests?

Remember: Just because some ideas are bigger, it doesn’t automatically make them better. Here, what you are searching for is a perfect fit for you, not for someone else.

What if you could identify what you really want today? If you are ready to make the transition from where you are right now to where you want to be, check out our Career Intensives to support you along the way.

Your life is waiting. Time to go after what matters!

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