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3 Ways Your Body Says Quit Your Job

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

As a career coach and health educator, I have learned our bodies tell us to quit our job long before our minds conceptualize the idea to google how to write a resignation letter. Learning to listen to and honor our bodies’ smoke signals on the job can be one of the hardest lessons to learn as we become more mindful of our career boundaries. While your body certainly can get a little dramatic and send extreme signs, you can learn signs that your body is ready to throw in the towel long before accumulating ER bills.

Here are three ways to know your body tells you it’s time to tell your boss goodbye:

1. You are frequently ill.

As a Career Strategy Firm committed to wellness, we strongly recommend you take as much PTO as possible for your wellbeing; however, if you find yourself taking more sick leave than vacation leave, this may be a sign you are not well. More importantly, this can be one of the first signs your body is ready to quit your job. Frequently when we are in situations where our bodies feel uncomfortable, they will send messages to inform us our environments or actions are not healthy. Frequent illness tells us that we need rest to recoup and recover. For many of us, this comes in the form of headaches and migraines. For others, you may find that your body is unable to fight off simple illnesses like colds and other infections.

2. You are always tired.

Feeling unrested can be caused by many “I Hate My Job” symptoms, such as insomnia and fatigue. Most people know that our bodies need rest; however, your body can sometimes be so alert and on edge that it won’t be able to shut down and get rest. Other times, our environments or workloads can be so exhausting that it drains our body to the point of fatigue. Now and then, you will experience a mix of both, leaving you feeling unrested and irritated.

3. You are no stranger to anxiety.

Whether it’s an upset stomach or heart palpitations, anxiety can show up in several ways for all of us. Regardless of the method, one thing is for sure: it is uncomfortable. At its core, our body’s primary mission is to keep us safe and functioning. When we experience anxiety, our body is telling us something is wrong and that it feels unsafe. Ultimately, it is up to us to honor our body and listen to its cues.

Preparing for your exit

You know what feels good and what does not. Ask yourself if your job makes you feel good and provides you with the safety you need to lead a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life outside of work.

If you are ready to rid yourself of the Sunday Scaries, sign up for our Career Intensive program to learn more about how to conduct a strategic and values-based job search.

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