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Will your coaching help me get a job I'm not qualified for?

No. We do not encourage our clients to apply for jobs where they do not meet the qualifications, and we do not believe in falsifying resumes. Instead, we coach our clients to understand how their current experience translates into other skills. If a client is not qualified for a position, we give our client guidance on how to acquire the necessary skills to be able to apply for a similar position later.

What can I expect from a coaching experience?

Our coaching program provides personalized attention by asking you impactful questions to understand your career objectives best and to work towards meeting them. Our style includes assessments, thought partnership, and action planning. The more you put into your coaching sessions, the more you will get out of them. To have the best results, it is crucial to be receptive to feedback and be open to doing the work following each session.

Why are strategic job serches important?

A strategic job search increases your chances of getting hired by providing you with a detailed plan of execution to find employment rather than aimlessly applying to jobs.

How do I get started with career coaching?

The first step to working with us is scheduling a discovery call. Our discovery calls are a free 30-minute call to determine what services best meet all of your needs and challenges.